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We offer the following restorative services:

Tooth-colored or 'composite' fillings to fill smaller cavities, recession areas, fractures, or tooth attrition. These composite fillings are also used to replace the old amalgam or silver fillings that tend to start leaking or fracture with time, and cause stress on your natural tooth surfaces. Your dentist will educate you if you need any new fillings or need old fillings replaced.

Porcelain crowns: A crown is placed on a tooth to remove a large cavity or silver filling, fracture, attrition area, or to protect it after it gets a root canal. At Flossophy Dental we restore your tooth with a porcelain crown that matches with the natural teeth, thereby making your treatment look as natural as possible, providing the best aesthetic results.

Porcelain bridge: A bridge is mainly used to replace one or more missing teeth so that unwanted movement of the adjacent teeth near the missing tooth space can be avoided, thus restoring function and aesthetics. 

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