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While we do accept most major insurances, as a commitment to our Flossophy of providing the best dental care for everyone, we offer you our very own dental insurance plan called Densurance.

Densurance allows you and your family to receive dental care at an exceptionally reduced fee by paying just a one-time, annual membership fee. Eligibility begins immediately after registration.

Here is why Densurance is right for you: 

  • No high premiums

  • No deductibles

  • No waiting period to begin treatment

  • No pre-authorization required for treatment. 

    • You receive treatment when you want.

  • No yearly maximum.

    • Get coverage for an extensive or a limited treatment plan as you wish.

  • No billing or insurance reimbursement errors.

    • We will inform you of the cost of treatment in a clear, upfront manner so there are no unpleasant surprises for you.​

Densurance membership includes the following privileges:

(Privileges include the following services when performed only at Flossophy Dental)

  • Comprehensive exam and a complete set of x-rays and intra-oral pictures at your first visit

  • Standard teeth cleaning (Up to two per year for each member and updated x-rays as required)

  • A 15% discount on all other dental procedures 

Membership is $275 for individuals and $425 for families

(Some exceptions apply)

Don't let the quality of your oral health be dictated by being uninsured or having poor insurance plans. 

Enroll now or call/email us to know more about Densurance!

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